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Thursday - 10/23/14



Downloadable media (including Kindle books) from the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium OverDrive site. 

OverDrive - Download e-books, (including Kindle books), audiobooks and more

Provided by the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium, OverDrive allows users to transfer downloads to a variety of portable devices or read or listen on their personal computer.  A MORE library card is needed for this service and access is not available on library computers.

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Try it Before you Buy it!
Not sure of which e-reader to purchase?  Would you like to see how a Kindle Fire differs from a Kindle Touch or what a Nook looks like?  The library currently owns a Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, iPad, Nook and Kobo e-readers for demonstration purposes.  Stop at Information & Reference to see the different devices, explore the various functions of each and determine if this is the type of device your would like to own.

Downloadable media guides to view or print:

For Kindles:
How to Create an Amazon Account
How to Download Kindle-compatible e-books from OverDrive
For Tablets and Smartphones:
How to Download the OverDrive App and Create an OverDrive Account
How to Use the OverDrive iPad App
How to Download Freading E-books to an Apple Device
For Dedicated E-readers (basic Nook, Kobo, & Sony Reader)
How to Download Adobe Digital Editions (for use on a PC)
How to Download OverDrive E-books for a Dedicated E-reader
How to Transfer an e-book from Adobe Digital Editions to a Mobile Device

Need More Help with Overdrive?  Check out their Help Section!

Additional downloadable media sources provided by the library:

Freegal (music)
Freading (e-books)

For more classic titles to download, try these sites:
Project Gutenberg
Classic Reader

E-book Availability at Your Library

The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library is proud to be one of the many libraries in the U.S. (90% of public libraries as of June 2014) that make a wide variety of e-books available to its customers.  

At the same time libraries are experiencing an increasing demand for e-books, some publishers are making it difficult for libraries to meet this demand.  Simon and Schuster currently refuses to sell e-books to libraries, HarperCollins has imposed a limit of 26 loans per e-book, and Random House increased its e-book prices by 100-200%.  As always, your public library continues to uphold free speech and the pursuit of unfettered access to information.  The library community continues to advocate for fair pricing and access to e-books and is strongly pursuing open dialogue with both publishers and lawmakers.  

** Chime in Please**

Sign an electronic petition for publishers to provide e-Books to libraries. Please follow the link below, watch the video for more information and support your library's efforts to provide reading materials in any format. Thank you  http://ebooksforlibraries.com



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